2019 Limits for Benefit Plans
Deferral/Match Calculator

INSTRUCTIONS: The 2019 calculator is for annual base earnings $280,000 or less.

NOTE The calculator computes the % you need to defer in order to receive BOTH the maximum 401(k) deferral allowed under the law ($19,000) and the maximum employer match (not to exceed 3% of your eligible compensation per pay period.)

Step 1 Click on the calculator

Step 2 Follow A or B

A. Prior to the beginning of the year: If you are planning your contributions for the following year:

Highlighted Field
Line #

For Participants who wish to calculate
deferral percentage for 2019

I Enter “0”
II Enter “24” pay periods
III Enter your current annual salary
  Hit “enter”, print and exit (DO NOT SAVE)

B. If you join the plan during the year or if you have a salary change during the year:

Highlighted Field
Line #

For New Hire or First-time Participant who Joins the Plan During the Year For
(a) Current Participant who had a salary change during the year,
(b) New Hires who participated in their former employer’s plan
I Enter “0” Enter YTD 401K amount from your most current pay stub. (see under “PRE-TAX ITEMS”) or from your former employer’s pay stub
II Enter number of remaining pay periods in the current year. Enter number of remaining periods in the current year
III • Enter your annual salary
• Hit “enter”
• Print, exit (DO NOT SAVE)
• Enter your new annual salary
• Hit “enter”
• Print & exit (DO NOT SAVE)

In all cases, if your annual base salary is $280,000 or less, as long as you contribute a minimum of 3% of your eligible compensation per pay period, you will receive the maximum employer match.

Keep in mind that the calculated percentages are only a guideline.  It does not take into consideration pay increases.

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